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We've inspired by our Austin, TX customers and love their love for the outdoors all while enjoying our charcuterie! Cheese Please is proud to announce a brand new offering, Picnic Please. We have curated a basket filled with everything you need for a perfect picnic. 


The Perfect Picnic

Dining Necessities 
Vintage Picnic Basket
Cheese Please Charcuterie Board 

Sized to your picnic we provide a cultivated collection of glasses, silverware, cheese knives, plates, napkins & spring water carafe. We'll never forget the wine opener! 

Contains everything you need plus more, waterproof picnic basket, Bluetooth speaker and a hilarious game to laugh with your favorites 

Local Favorite, created suited to restrictions and individual tastes! ​


Furry Friend Package

  • Small Barkcuterie Board

  • Water Bowl

  • Doggie Bags

  • Extra Water

  • Tennis ball to keep!

Ice it down Package

  • Tote Bag of ice

  • Koozies

  • Added beverages of choice

Date Night Package 

  • Seasonal Flowers

  • Chocolate covered strawberries

  • Sparkling Beverages

Photo Package

  • 20 minutes of shooting time

  • 25 photos digitally shared

Smore's Picnic

  • Smore's concrete mini fire pit

  • Fondue Sticks

  • Graham crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows

Brunch Picnic

  • Brunch Board

  • Carafe of Orange Juice

  • Sparking Beverages

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